Meet the AlphaGraphics Billings Team.

Say hello to the people that are changing the way you see print, online, signs, and vehicle graphics. We believe that making AlphaGraphics Billings the best place to shop has a great deal to do with making it the best place to work.

That’s why AlphaGraphics Billings is committed to creating a rewarding and fulfilling environment for its employees rooted in trust, collaboration and encouragement to exceed expectations. Every member of the team is essential to AlphaGraphics’ success, and no project can be completed start to finish by one person. Communication and teamwork are a priority, and are the foundation of AlphaGraphics’ commitment to excellence. Take a moment to read a little more about each department, and the people who constantly help grow AlphaGraphics to be a better print, online and marketing business. Interested in joining our team? Check out our careers page here to see if there are openings and to download an application.


Producing results for our customers is always our first priority.

That’s why every member of the AlphaGraphics team believes:

  • Every effort I contribute to every project is crucial
  • Every effort my teammates contribute to every project is crucial
  • Exceeding customer expectations is not extraordinary – it must be routine.
This belief creates:
  • A customer first focus
  • Unsurpassed quality
  • Proactive, solutions-focused communication – both internal and external
  • Appreciation and respect for every member of the team
  • Pride in our own work and the work of our teammates
  • An atmosphere where new ideas for improvement are not only encouraged, but expected from every member of the team

Jake Eaton, owner

Owner – Jake Eaton

Jake Eaton leads our team of dedicated professionals focused on producing results for our customers. Mr. Eaton purchased Alphagraphics in 2012 and built on the strong foundation laid since Alphagraphics Billings was founded in 1994.

Jake Eaton

The Sales Team

The Sales Team

The AlphaGraphics sales team is comprised of nothing but the most knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient individuals. From business cards to vehicle graphics to websites, the sales team is prepared and ready to exceed your expectations. Whether you’re a new customer, or have been ordering from us for years, you can expect the same great experience from any AlphaGraphics Billings representative. Contact them here

From left to right: Jon Switzer, Angie Kramer, Randy Gerringa, Talista Stevens, Kay Hotchkiss, and Amanda Aspenlieder.

The Sales Support Team

The Support Team

The AlphaGraphics support team not only helps the sales team with organization & communication, but also assists their own clients with coordinating all their print and online marketing needs. The two-person sales and support team structure at AlphaGraphics Billings ensures prompt responses, minimizes miscommunication, and makes for a better experience for the customer.

From left to right: Michelle (Account Executive – Jon Switzer), Rachel (Account Executive – Talista and Kay), Christina (Account Executive – Angie Kramer), and Mackinzie (Account Executive – Randy Gerringa).

The Design Team

The Design Team

These are the men and women responsible for making your projects look their best, whether they optimize a file provided by you, or build a new design from the ground up. No project is too big, too small, or too important and is treated with speed, efficiency, and with an emphasis on quality.

From left to right: Dan (web services), Tom (prepress technician), Kevin (Design Services Manager), Lindsey (designer), and Michael (designer).

The Print and Production Team

The Print & Production Team

When you need a print product that you can hold in your hand that opens, folds, tears, glues, or staples, this group of talented individuals has it covered. They can organize, coordinate and produce one hundred or 10 thousand print pieces using top-of-the-line equipment and years of experience.

From left to right: Rick (small press operator), Adam (large press operator), Greg (production manager), Vinny (assistant production manager), Kurt (digital press operator), and Scott (bindery).

The Mail, Fulfillment, and Delivery Team

The Mail, Fulfillment, & Delivery Team

The team behind our mail and fulfillment department have some of the hardest jobs in the building. It requires concentration, organization, and a generous attention to detail to manage the tens of thousands of print pieces that get processed. They excel at managing mail lists, matching, combining and inserting multiple pieces, and coordinating products from every department to deliver locally, and ship to anywhere in the world.

From left to right: Jamie (delivery), and Wayne (fulfillment & delivery). *not pictured – Mike (mail services), Rozenne (mail services manager).

Large Format Team

The Large Format Team

Large format encompasses way more than it ever has before, and with new products and services coming monthly to the department, it’s probably the most exciting place to be. Not only does this team handle banners, signs and posters with ease, but they can also take on specialty projects like vehicle wraps, and indoor and outdoor window graphics. With the new EFI Hybrid printer, even printing on materials like fabric, metal and wood are not out of their reach.

From left to right: Tyler (large format manager), and Casey (large format technician)

Document Services and Book Keeping

Document Services & Accounting

Natalie – Accounting, Human Resources (left) is a master of organization, which is instantly apparent once you learn how many responsibilities she has. From book keeping, to filing, to managing the entire building’s vacation, insurance, and payroll, Natalie knows how to keep AlphaGraphics Billings running smoothly and efficiently.

Julie – Document Services (right) is one of the sweetest and friendliest women on the planet. She also manages the many tasks and responsibilities in the document services department with ease and precision. When the work is light in doc services, you’ll find Julie helping out in just about any other part of the building.