AlphaGraphics Billings Business Mail, Fulfillment, and Data Management Services.

Imagine that you have created the perfect promotional piece that delivers a dynamic message to your customers. Now what? How do you deliver it? When do you deliver it? How do you combine multiple pieces of matched and inserted pieces, at the same time making sure the right message goes to the right person?

Let us coordinate it for you. After all, AlphaGraphics centers are experts in business mailing and shipping services, too. We’ll not only assist in fulfillment, kitting and packaging, but we can also help you buy the right list and determine the best demographic. Plus we’ll help you select the most efficient way to get it there — on time and within budget.

Packaging and Fulfillment

Pre-Mailing Services

Marketers know that 40% of the effectiveness of a campaign is attributed to the list, so it’s important to make sure your message is making it into the right hands. Prior to mailing, we can help you with finding the right audience for the right price, while utilizing the ability to be as targeted or as broad as necessary. Our expert staff know the ins and outs of the mailing world, and can leverage that knowledge to help you get the best mailing rate possible. We offer:

  • Identification of targeted mailing lists within your budget.
  • Mail List refinement
  • Database management & Printing of variable data in text and images.
  • Expert knowledge and experience in the ever-changing world of post office rules & regulations.
Packaging and Fulfillment

Packaging & Fulfillment

Once your marketing piece is printed, we can help make sure it gets organized, packaged, labeled, and shipped to the right person. AlphaGraphics excels at organizing complicated multi-piece projects that mail or deliver, whether they’re made up of one piece or a half dozen. We’ll take the stress and confusion away from your mailing projects using container and sequence matching, a dedicated staff to kitting & packaging, and advanced machinery to automate inserting, stamping, and sealing.

Inkjetting Address

Business Mailing and Shipping

After your list is perfect, and your piece is printed, and we’ve taken the time to professionally seal, stamp, stuff, insert, label, and package your campaign, we’ll submit it the post office to ensure the accuracy of your list carries through to your customer’s mailbox. We’ll track the shipments and report back to you, maintain your list to keep it up to date and relevant, and make suggestions for improvements. Using AlphaGraphics means you have an on-call list management service for your marketing projects.

  • Maintaining current mailing database
  • Shipping via the U.S. Postal Service
  • Managing options such as tracking, overnight deliveries, etc.
  • Project reporting & strategies for future mailings
  • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)
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Business Mail Terms

  • Bulk Mail

    Commercial mail that exceeds a minimum quantity established by the USPS to achieve better postage rates.

  • Direct Mail

    A form of direct advertising/marketing that involves sending targeted marketing pieces to a list of people and/or businesses.

  • Every Door Direct Mail

    An efficient form of marketing that allows a marketer to saturate a particular area(s) based on a postal carrier route.

  • Fulfillment

    The process of preparing a customer job that involves steps beyond print – such as kitting, packaging, and/or mailing.

  • Inkjetting

    The practice of automatically printing variable address data on a mail piece without the need for custom design or pre-printed labels.

  • Kitting

    Assembling multiple pieces of an advertising or marketing campaign into a cohesive whole for delivery or shipment.

  • Mail List

    Provided or purchased database of people or businesses that are the target of a marketing or advertising campaign.

  • OCR

    Optical Character Recognition – the technology used by the post office to read and then process mail piece barcodes.

  • Postal Indicia

    Imprinted designation on mail that denotes postage payment (e.g., permit imprint).

  • Presort

    The process of preparing bulk mail in sequential order for mailing from the post office standards.

  • Variable Data Processing

    The method of personalizing a marketing or mail piece by interpreting and assigning entries from a mail list.