Billings world-class offset and digital printing.

You want your marketing message to put you a step ahead of the competition, right? No matter the task, our print services can make you look good.

Whether you need basic one-color flyers or pamphlets, a banner to hang from the side of a building, or anything in between, our specialists can help define — and then create — the look you want. And with a wide array of special printing effects like personalized communication, specialty inks, papers, finishes and more, your message will soon boast that “Wow” that makes you stand out.

Offset Printing

Offset Printing

The AlphaGraphics offset printing department consists of 4 Heidelberg presses and our direct-to-metal pre-press/platemaking system. Offset printing is one of the highest quality print methods available, with unrivaled clarity, sharpness, contrast, and color. For larger quantity print jobs, using the offset press allows us to produce amazing quality projects at a more affordable cost-per-piece.

In addition to the unsurpassed print quality, our four-color offset press is capable of overlaying spot varnishes, which can affect the ink’s glossiness in specific areas, making the piece more unique and eye-catching. Perfect for:

Digital Printing

Digital Color Printing

Our Hewlett Packard Indigo digital press is the perfect marriage of an offset press’s superior output quality, and the speed and convenience of a commercial-class color laser. The Indigo digital printing press can produce 12×18 size prints at blinding speeds, and is perfect for smaller, quicker projects that still need the top-notch quality of an offset-produced print.

In addition, the Indigo has full variable data processing capabilities, meaning it can process a mailing list and produce 100% unique pieces for each recipient, utilizing personalized text and images (Learn more about VDP here).

  • Perfect application for demanding short run books, flyers, brochures, business cards, rack cards, and newsletter projects.
  • Wide range of media – 40# book to 16 point board stock – coated, uncoated, synthetics, pearls.
  • Lut color profiles can be set and locked per client or project to achieve precise color consistency.
Digital Black & White

Digital Black & White Printing

The Océ VarioPrint 110, a co-development product of Canon and Océ, is our black and white production workhorse. This unit incorporates the Océ VarioPrint toner system capable of producing prints up to 600×1200 dpi (dots per inch). This results in higher quality characters, smoother corners, and cleaner gradient transitions. The Océ can print on a 12 x 18” sheet with excellent results on both coated and uncoated stock.

  • Up to 135 impressions per minute
  • Wide range of stocks
  • Full variable processor at quick speed
  • Unique sustainability features – no ozone emissions, selenium, fuser oil or developer, and virtually no toner waste or particle emissions as well as reduced energy consumption, and EPA EnergyStar rated with lowest TEC (Typical Electricity Consumption) value in its class.
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Common Printing Terms

  • Accordian Fold

    Two or more parallel folds that open like an accordian.

  • Barrel Fold

    Folding a sheet two or more times in the same direction.

  • Binding

    Process of securing pages together and/or attaching them to a cover, to form single copies.

  • Bleed

    Printing that extends beyond the cut line of the finished piece, allows edge to edge color after trimming.

  • Brightness

    A Characteristic of paper referring to how much light it reflects.

  • Camera Ready

    The state of a document when it’s prepared to the exact specifications of the job (size, colors, bleed, resolution).

  • Coil or Spiral Binding

    A method of attaching multiple sheets by inserting a continuous coil of wire into pre-drilled holes on the binding edge.

  • Comb Binding

    A method of attaching multiple sheets by inserting a curved plastic comb into pre-drilled holes on the binding edge.

  • Crash Numbering

    Numbering copies by pressing an image on a sheet which transfers to all parts of the piece.

  • Die Cut

    Using a custom formed metal blade to cut out a shape in a piece of paper.

  • Foil Emboss

    The process of applying a foil (usually metallic) material to paper using a heated die.

  • Four Color Process

    A document with a color space consisting of combinations of Cyan(C), Magenta(M), Yellow(Y), and Black(K).

  • Imposition

    The arrangement and orientation of pages to ensure efficient paper use and correct finishing/binding.

  • Lithography

    Method of printing using a chemically-coated plate whose image areas attract ink.

  • Make Ready

    All processes required to set up a press for a run, including running color test sheets of paper.

  • Margin

    In a design document, boundary that extends inward from the cutline – used to keep important elements from getting to close to the finished edge.

  • Offset Printing

    Method of lithographic printing that transfers ink from a plate to a blanket, then from the blanket to the paper.

  • PMS (Pantone) Color

    Pantone matching system – an international system used to mix inks to standard colors used by printers.

  • Parallel Fold

    Folds that are parallel to each other – a common 8.5×11 letter is parallel folded.

  • Perfect Binding

    A process by which single sheets are stacked, then the binding edge is roughed up and an adhesive is applied. A cover is then wrapped around the pages.

  • Perforating

    Punching small holes in a sheet of paper to facilitate tearing along a predetermined line.

  • Prepress

    The process performed by a prepress technician to ready a file for printing. Includes color and font management, imposition, and various other adjustments.

  • Saddle Stitch

    The binding of sheets of paper by folding in half and stapling the seam of the fold.

  • Score

    To mechanically press a small channel into paper along a line to facilitate a fold.

  • UV Coating

    Liquid laminate bonded and cured with ultraviolet light. Can be used for protection on mail pieces or pieces that have a significant amount of ink coverage.

  • Varnishing

    A finishing process where a transparent varnish is applied over the printed sheet to serve as protection, or to produce a custom finish.