Billings website design and development, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM).

Now more than ever, customers use the web as their primary source for finding the products or services they need – whether on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

This means that you need an effective online marketing strategy that incorporates a wide range of techniques to drive traffic to your website, improve your search engine rankings and build relationships with your customers through social media. AlphaGraphics is the marketing communications company you can turn to as a comprehensive solution for your online efforts to increase valuable interaction with your customers.

Website Development

Website Development

AlphaGraphics uses the latest web technologies to bring you a beautiful, easy-to-use website. Using a comprehensive site foundation and managed hosting, we provide our customers with access to the back-end of their sites in a user-friendly environment to post updated content. We include a comprehensive SEO setup that helps you get to the top of the search engine rankings faster for the keywords your customers are searching for. We also offer Search Engine Marketing for those who would like a dedicated, constant effort to maintaining SEO and SEM. Transferring to us? Check out this guide.

Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Reaching out to new and existing customers is an important and necessary marketing strategy. Take advantage of proven email marketing techniques to send a personalized message to people that may be interested in your products or services. Include things like Facebook “Like” buttons, Forward to a Friend links, and attractive images to make a lasting impression. Email is still a powerful and relevant marketing tool for modern businesses, and AlphaGraphics Billings can provide the professional email marketing techniques to make sure your emails are working for you.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM & SEO)

Search Engine Marketing

Here at AlphaGraphics we consider search engine performance a high priority for our web customers. If we build you a beautiful, responsive website, we want to be able to get as many users to visit as possible – because visitors become leads that can turn into profitable conversions. AlphaGraphics Billings now offers professional PPC (pay per click) management plans that provide campaigns to maximize your budget and get you the most relevant leads resulting from search engine results. Click here to learn more about SEM and how it can compliment your SEO and provide instant traffic to your new or current site!

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Did You Know?

Here at AlphaGraphics we recognize that not all customers need a complex content management system exploding with features and functions. Some just need to be ONLINE.

With this in mind, we have created a Small Business Display Site option that allows those businesses to get a website, build an online presence, and benefit from the quality design, development, stability, and security that AlphaGraphics provides – all for only $500. Visit our Small Business Display Site to learn more!

Common Online-Related Terms

  • Bandwidth

    The amount and speed of data (text, images, video, etc…) that is transferred between a web server and a user.

  • Bounce Rate (email)

    When an email campaign fails to reach an intended recipient. Can be defined by “soft” bounce and “hard” bounce.

  • Bounce Rate (web)

    The amount of users that reach a landing page on a website then quickly leave/back out before interacting with content.

  • Cache

    The ability for a web browser to save data locally from a website so future visits load quicker.

  • Cascading Style Sheets

    Also referred to as CSS, the code that works along with content to change the visual style and layout.

  • Conversions (PPC)

    The term for when a user takes an action that the marketer is actively tracking (filling out a form, watching a video, making a purchase).

  • Database

    A software platform that allows organization and warehousing of data. WordPress websites use a database to store content, settings, and more.

  • Domain Name

    The human-readable part of an IP address. It’s what users put into the browser to visit your site – example

  • Domain Name Service

    The system that converts an IP address to a human-readable domain name for a web user to view a webpage.

  • Dynamic Content

    Content that is changing and/or updated regularly – many refer to it as a blog, but it can be more than that.

  • E-Commerce

    Online transactions that involve receiving a product or service by processing a payment with digital currency.

  • Hosting

    The process of putting web files and code on a web server and making it available to the public for viewing & interacting.

  • IP Address

    A Unique number that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network.

  • Keywords

    Words or phrases that define the focus of a website or webpage. Used to write content as well as track search engine performance and ratings.

  • Meta Data

    Coded data that informs the browser and search engines about the site. Most commonly includes page titles, descriptions, and keywords and phrases.

  • Nameservers

    System that translates domain names to IP addresses – to point the user to the correct web server and website.

  • Payment Processor

    Companies that facilitate the secure online processing of credit and debit cards in an e-commerce environment.

  • Plugin

    In WordPress, pre-packaged and distributed bundles of code that offer extended features or functionality to a WordPress site.

  • Pay-Per-Click

    The system of paying search engines to put your search result listing above others in search results.

  • PURL

    A landing page that is dynamically generated and personalized to the viewer. Typically used in multi-touch campaigns with an offer in exchange for information or customer action.

  • Responsive Design

    The practice of designing and developing a website so it looks and performs well on almost all devices.

  • SEM

    Search Engine Marketing – Managing a pay-per-click campaign(s) with the purpose of driving more traffic to a site to increase conversions and ROI.

  • SEO

    Search Engine Optimization – Using design and development techniques to get search engines to rank your website higher than competitors for relevant keywords.

  • SERP

    Search Engine Results Page – the relative order of your website against competitors for the same keywords or key phrases in search engine results.

  • SSL Certificate

    Secure Sockets Layer Certificate – allows a more secure connection between the web server and user for transmitting private information online.

  • Static Content

    Content on a website that changes very rarely. Used in conjunction with dynamic content to help a website’s search engine ranking.

  • Web Server

    A computer with specialized software that allows a website to be publicly accessible via a web browser.

  • WordPress

    A content management system that allows developers as well as regular users to create and manage online content.